UK candles, US coal and nuke, and UN FCCC drama in Durban, S. Africa

* Originally posted on December 03, 2011.

Last March, I saw this report. I did not realize that the climate armageddon campaigners in UK (and other rich countries) would go to the extent of preparing their people to a drastic change in lifestyle, to accept that constant electricity is going to end by next decade, to “consume it when it is available.”

1source: The Empire Strikes Out

Really lousy.

On March 15, 2009, I wrote this, 
US Carbon and Energy Restrictions

As of 2008, the US’ power sources were (in percent):
1. Coal, 59
2. Nuclear, 17
3. Natural gas, 13
4. Hydropower, 10
5. Other, 1.

Its heavy reliance on those base-load plants (coal, nuclear and natural gas) means it is not easy to drastically restrict those “dirty” and “non-renewable” energy sources and move to “clean and renewable” energy sources like wind, solar. Doing so will mean drastic reduction in power supply (brown-outs) and/or drastic rise in energy prices.

But with the current moves by the US administration to cut CO2 emissions to “fight” global warming, restrictions on current production and future construction of coal power plants will naturally result in the above scenario.

A number of coal companies are “standing still” despite increasing demand for energy (Alliant Energy in Iowa, NV Energy in Nevada, Peabody Energy in Kentucky, etc.) as “clean coal” technology to bury CO2 emissions won’t be available for a decade or more. Less coal means more natural gas which is subject to big price swings and ultimately, higher price as demand will suddenly shoot up. Regulations for nuclear energy is also very strict, nuke power plant builders make about 15 years allowance for construction and getting the necessary permits. And there is danger that after 15 years, the permit may not even come with the on-going emissions cut, cap-and-trade legislative moves.

Aside from current policies of over-spend, over-borrow and over-tax in the future, current restrictions in carbon emission and energy over-regulation will put the US in a less competitive position in the future.

This should be a signal for other economies (China, Japan, India, Europe, other emerging economies) to prepare themselves for out-migration of many big companies and rich people of America, but only if they will avoid – and offer the reverse – of those two pitfalls of the current US government.

Meanwhile, there is an on-going UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN FCCC) global meeting in Durban, South Africa, from November 28 to December 9, to ask governments around the world to have a post-Kyoto Protocol agreement which will expire by end-2012. Their goal is to “limit man-made global warming” via global ecological central planning.

This global plan includes, among others: (a) move away from hydro-carbon based power to renewable power, so we should get wind and solar power technologies from the west and other countries, (b) we should swallow more carbon taxes and various environmental fees, (c) pay more subsidies to solar and wind farms, (d) have more climate bureaucracies, (e) have more UN global climate meetings, (f) have  more climate and energy loans with the WB and ADB,

The Philippines now has the most expensive industrial power rates in the whole of Asia, more expensive than power rates in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, S. Korea and and other expensive countries in the continent.

And we have the Renewable Energy (RE) law that mandates certain schemes like the feed-in-tariff (FIT) to make already expensive power rates here become even more expensive. Estimates of projected FIT is something like P9 to P10 billion per year (about US$209 M a year) of FIT subsidies to RE power plants for the next 20 years This will be another big money transfer from the public to the super rich.

And this is one reason why many big corporations and banks are riding this climate racket because they will receive big amount of tax money and energy subsidies as energy consumers will endure higher electricity bills.

Unfortunately for this movement, it is suffering downhill in credibility. The world is experiencing more global cooling, not warming. More heavy rains and flooding, not more drought; more brutal winter, not less snow, have been the experience for many countries in all continents in recent years.

If we are to pay even higher energy prices, we pay even more environmental taxes and fees,  because of this highly questionable “science” from the UN IPCC, Al Gore, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and other big warming network, we are fooled and plundered. The climate racket insistence that “more cooling and more rains are proof of global warming” is simply wrong and idiotic.

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