On Tesla gigafactory, WEF + Tesla fake news and video

Last December, a WEF video about the Tesla gigafactory in Nevada producing battery cells and e-cars was circulating in social media.


This portion particularly caught my attention because it cannot be true, it is fake news — “It’s entirely powered by renewable energy.” If the wind does not blow, or the Sun does not shine (at night or in rainy/cloudy days), there will be massive blackout in that gigafactory.

The source of that video is the WEF in this article dated 23 August 2017.

People resort to public disinformation and deception just to advance their commercial interests and ecological-political ideology of more government intervention, government favoritism and cronyism of RE while penalizing cheap, stable, dispatchable energy sources like coal, natgas, geothermal, etc. Lousy.


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