Heartland’s ICCC-13 photos

Washington DC — The Heartland Institute’s 13th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-13) was very successful yesterday. Huge audience, high caliber speakers and moderators, schedules generally followed, good venue, ballroom of Trump International Hotel. I am posting some photos here.

First Keynote and breakfast speaker, Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Awardee given by Heartland, Dr. Jay Lehr. Jay is a hydrologist but became famous with dozens of Congressional testimonies on climate and environment, author of 1,000+ magazine and journal articles, 36 books, etc.

Three of Jay’s slides.

I came late at the first panel discussion, I missed the main presentation by Dr. Roy Spencer, a famous climatologist at UAH. Here’s his concluding slide.


Next speaker was Dr. Nir Shaviv of Physics Department, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Solar cycle (11 years), solar max, solar minimum.





Morning break, from left: Nir, Wolfgang Muller, and Benoit Rittaud. Wolfgang is a friend since 2005, he was working at FNF then, now he is the Sec. Gen. of the European Institute for Climate And Energy (EIKE). Benoit is the President of Association des Climato-Realistes in France.


With Anthony Watts, founder and owner of the world’s #1 climate blog with hundreds of thousands of pageviews daily, https://wattsupwiththat.com/. Anthony was one of the speakers in the afternoon session.


With Dr. Richard Lindzen and Dr. Benny Peiser. Dr. Lindzen is Prof. Emeritus of meteorology at MIT, a famous atmospheric physicist. He was awarded last night, Frederick Seitz Memorial Award, given by the Science and Environment Policy Project (SEPP) headed by Ken Happala. Benny is the Director of the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) in London. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has named a 10-km wide asteroid, Minor Planet (7107) was named after him.


Not a single climate alarmist would be able to withstand the hard data and concepts discussed at the  annual ICCCs. The role of the Sun and GCRs, role of clouds and water vapor (which is 95% of all GHGs vs CO2’s 0.04%), role of oceans (PDO, AMO), etc. All that the climate alarmists concern themselves is CO2 — the gas that we humans and our animals exhale, the gas that plants and trees use to produce their own food — because they want to regulate, tax, centrally-plan the emission of CO2 and conventional energy, salivate at $100 B a year of climate money starting next year, salivate at endless global junkets.

More photos later.


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